Europlacer maintains market lead into 2016

Third Service Excellence Award

We’re highly encouraged when our customers share comments like these to an independent judging panel: “Europlacer Americas make us feel as if we are their most important customer,” and “Best decision I’ve ever made with respect to capital equipment”. Three consecutive Service Excellence Awards backs up our support commitment.

Service Excellence AwardEvery year in late summer for the past two decades, Circuits Assembly magazine opens registration for its ‘Customer Service Excellence’ award, with one accolade given to the top supplier in each category (equipment, materials, software) as judged by the company’s own customers. One category is Pick & Place.
We are delighted to report that Europlacer has prevailed once again in 2016, by winning the Service Excellence Award – for the third consecutive time.
This year’s survey results show that every one of our ten customers ranked us at Level 5 – meaning ‘Superior Products and Services’, in other words, “Best in class”.
We ranked #1 in all five categories in the Pick & Place section. The results comparison on the front page of the Service Excellence Award report clearly illustrates our feedback results versus the industry average – this taken as a mathematical mean across the results from the other Pick & Place supplier participants. Of the five categories, Europlacer’s strongest performance (versus the industry average) is in ‘Value for the Price’ and ‘Dependability & Timely Delivery’.
So how does this award system work, and why is it widely considered the most ‘real’ assessment across the industry award landscape?
Once registration is complete, each participant is asked to supply a list of ten customers (minimum, including names and email addresses) who are willing to participate in a short online survey. The survey covers five different categories, including: Dependability, Quality, Responsiveness, Technology and Value for Price. Each customer rates the supplier, and most customers tend to include comments and feedback to support each rating. The scoring range is from 1 to 7 with 7 representing ‘Best in Class’ and 1 representing ‘Poor’.
The last section of the survey also includes a set of questions whose free-form feedback is highly valuable. These questions are paraphrased below:

A- “What three things could your equipment or materials supplier improve upon?”
B- “What are the most important future requirements you have of your equipment or materials supplier?”
C- “How likely is it that you will still use this company at the same level or in a greater level of service one year from now?
D- “Compared to other suppliers you use (or have used), how do you feel this company provides?

Customers were asked to choose from five statement for the last question on the comparison to other suppliers:
5 = Superior Products and Services
4 = Better than average Products and Services
3 = Similar Products and Services
2 = Worse than average Products and Services
1 = Poor Products and Services

As mentioned, Europlacer received a unanimous Level 5 from all ten of our customers.
It is also very pleasing to see that the comments and feedback we received from our customers include a rewarding number of statements that can only be described as high praise indeed, some are repeated here exactly as submitted:

“The support received from the folks at Europlacer has far surpassed any other company I have ever dealt with.”
“Great Product and Service, 5 yr Warranty, Best in the Business.”
“No Downtime – machine does not break.”
“This company has been second to none in their commitment to service for their products.”

“The response time from anything from sales to service is virtually instantaneous.”
“Lightning fast! We have one direct point of contact, and he is extremely responsive.”
“They make us feel as if we are their most important customer.”
“Europlacer has always ranked #1 for customer service. When we need assistance, they are right there and never leave us waiting.”

“Of all the equipment purchased in the last 6 years by my company, the Europlacer iineo has been the most reliable and proficient from the day we started it up.”
“It not only handles the components I had trouble with on my older production equipment, but it also handles the components I hope we never see. Basically, we can grow into these machines, and not out of them.”
“By far the best P&P machine I have owned and seen.”