New People Worldwide Strengthen our Global Customer Support

A Report by David Fenton, Group Customer Support Manager

David Fenton

At Europlacer, we are expanding our customer service infrastructure across all global territories. We’re doing this through a programme of support staff recruitment and internal promotions to create specialist teams. With three consecutive Circuits Assembly Service Excellence Awards behind us, this is no time for us to rest on our laurels.

For us, timely, effective customer support is not a luxury. A reputation for failing support undermines customer confidence and loyalty. Other suppliers and competitors in our sector are experiencing this right now, and suffering as a result. In contrast, we choose to make our Customer Service a competitive differentiator. That’s why we continue to invest in support resources.

New service personnel have joined us in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, China and the USA. All the roles are customer-facing support engineering positions, some designed to fulfil a new strategy of forming collaborative teams with specialist expertise. In addition, three key UK-based staff have been promoted to build the core of a dedicated expertise team with a global remit for knowledge transfer: Mark Bartholomew becomes ‘Senior Applications Engineer International’, Steve Deighton is promoted to ‘Integration & Training Engineer’, and Steve Craven takes the post of ‘Product Specialist’.

Our internal promotions are part of a new strategy that focuses on our in-house training endeavours and provides our customers with the highest level of expertise. They need this when critical situations arise, or when advanced training is required.

Eight field service engineers join our teams in Europe. Based in Rocheserviere, Benoit Jamain, Morane Renard and Phillippe Cathébard augment the French team. Russell Spencer, Shane Morrison and Paul Harvey boost the UK team. Industry veteran Christian Müeller takes the role of Service manager in Germany. And Marko Tepavcevic, based in Trieste, adds to the company’s resources in Italy. In the US, Eric Molina and Mark Sysmanski join the team in Florida and New England respectively. Jeep Shi is a recent recruit to the China service team.

Rounding off the flurry of new appointments is the creation of the new post of Pre-Sales Support Engineer, filled by Olga Adamska. Olga’s primary role is sales support leading up to installation, covering product benchmarking and demonstrations. She is a strategic support resource for our sales teams in the critical time around a potential sale. Her remit is being extended to address the entire Europlacer line offering from printer to AOI.

I’m pleased to report that our order book continues to expand. On that basis, you can expect the recruitment programme to continue. Watch this space.

David Fenton