Tray Loader

Automatic SMT Tray Loader

SMT auto tray loader

The auto tray loader (sequencer) is a vertical feeder storing up to 30 trays

Jedec trays or other matrix trays with a maximum size of 340mm x 190mm x 13mm are fed automatically to the pick up position. Occupying a single feeder zone, the storage capacity for devices ready to be presented to the placement head is second-to-none. Once the contents are depleted, or the feeder no longer required for production, it’s easy to slide the loader out and replace it with alternative trolleys or carts to complete the cycle.

Thanks to the large replenishment door, trays can be replenished during use,  without halting production.

The auto tray loader can be programmed offline to improve machine utilisation, or online once loaded into the feeder zone on the machine.


SMT Tray Loader Automatic Tray Loader

  • Intelligent feeder
  • Handles up to 30 ‘vertically-held’ matrix trays
  • Easily exchangeable with a tape or feeder trolley in less than a minute
  • Rejected components are placed back in their original cell
  • Trays can be replenished during production without halting the machine

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