Stick Feeder

Intelligent Stick Feeder

Europlacer’s programmable stick feeder is the most flexible solution for components supplied in stick format.

It accommodates SO, SO medium, SO large and TSSOP type components on a base plate capable of handling feeder sticks in eight positions. Different types of SO can fit on the same base, while replenishing the feeders can be completed without halting the machine.

Unlike old vibratory systems with their erratic performance and need for constant adjustment, today’s components are driven on individual belts that almost match the speed of picking from tape feeders. Adaptors are available for most standard SMT components, and special adaptors can be developed for specific applications.

Our Belt Feeder for sticks joins our feeder solutions in being fully intelligent with the same benefits and features as the other feeders in the Europlacer range.

smt stick feeder for components in tube Intelligent Belt Feeder

  • Component recognition
  • Data entry by micro-terminal and bar code
  • Auto adjustment of pick-up offset
  • Batch ID for traceability reports
  • Fast product changeover

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