Special feeders

For those extra special applications, Europlacer has developed special feeders for non-standard SMT components that still need to be placed automatically.

Our heritage is solving complex and challenging placement automation issues. Extending the utilisation of your placement platform extends the benefits in throughput and quality. From bulk loose bowl feeders to fluxers and label printers, Europlacer is able to provide an intelligent solution that integrates fully into our standard platforms to meet the most demanding applications.

special feeders europlacer Bulk feeder

  • Automatic assembly of parts delivered loose and in bulk
  • Special developments on request
  • Bowl replenishment is fast and easy
  • Fitted on a trolley for extremely fast product changeover
  • Same Integrated Intelligence as other Europlacer feeders
special feeder for labels Label feeder AMS

  • Perfectly augments Europlacer’s Total Traceability
  • The reel contains pre-printed serial labels
  • Two models depending on label size
  • Same Integrated Intelligence as other Europlacer feeders
 special feeder dip fluxer europlacer  Dip fluxer

  • Used for Pop (package on package) assembly processes
  • Variable flux thickness set up
  • Flux reservoir replenishment is fast and easy
  • All parts are easily removable for cleaning
 special feeder for solder balls Europlacer  Solder ball feeder

  • High-yield automatic assembly of solder balls
  • Single or multiple ball nozzle capability
  • Ball reservoir replenishment is fast and easy
  • Placement on PCBs or other substrates and pallets


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