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SMT Intelligent Feeders

Europlacer developed the world’s first intelligent SMT feeders back in 1993, and the philosophy continues as a thread throughout our product platform.

Our SMT intelligent feeders store data about the component type loaded and communicate with the machine to maximise placement efficiency and avoid faulty configuration. Capable of being programmed and replenished off-line, the feeders can be loaded at any time into any position on the machine whilst it is running. The machine will automatically recognise and optimise the production routing to accommodate the feeder.

If a program requires more component types than can be loaded on the machine during initial set-up, additional components can be prepared and introduced individually or by changing a complete feeder trolley.

smt-intelligent-feeder1They can be placed anywhere on the machines, there are no dedicated slots, allowing a first time right loading plan.
Each feeder is equipped with an indicator lamp to facilitate machine control, fault finding and to indicate various states of activity. The feeder can be programmed off line via a hand held micro-terminal that can read 1D and 2D bar codes, through the offline programming station software, or directly by the machine interface.

Fast and accurate calibration of the pick up position is achieved through an individual fiducial mark being present on the feeder, which is recorded when the feeder is loaded into the machine. Accuracy and flexibility of the feeder system provides a huge range of tape sizes from 8mm to 104mm and the capability to reliably place 01005 devices.

SMT Intelligent Feeder 2x8mm SMT Intelligent Feeder 2x8mm

  • Handle all tapes no matter plastic or paper
  • Fed components down to 01005 chips
 smt intelligent feeder 44mm SMT Intelligent Feeder Single

  • Handle all tapes no matter plastic or paper
  • Feeder available for tapes between12mm and 104mm

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