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SMD Component Tester

Europlacer’s component tester is a critical option for customers working within high specification fields such as automotive, military, medical or avionics.

Crucially, the tester can be independently calibrated against all international standards & institutes. It guarantees you and your customer the statutory performance required when working on demanding applications.

Some suppliers provide a ‘verification’ system to check component status. However these units are unlikely to be independently verifiable against international standards of compliance.

Europlacer’s electrical test head is mounted inside the machine structure, and does not compromise any platform resources, including the feeder count. The head comprises a measuring bridge consisting of four electrodes linked to a flexible circuit, on which the machine places the components to be measured.

The component tester can measure resistors, capacitors, diodes and inductors with voltages up to 40V. It can be programmed to test all components prior to placement, or the first and last components to verify correct feeder loading. Built into the platform structure, the component tester is an intrinsic element of Europlacer’s integrated intelligence system.

All test data is held at component level to provide control and, where necessary, traceability at individual circuit level to give confidence that you’ve completed the process within design and production limits.

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