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 PCB storage

SMT PCB StorageSzeroPCB is a dry cabinet for PCBs that offers a controlled Relative Humidity environment of less than five percent.

This cabinet complements the Lzero3 Automatic Storage Cabinet and is directly controlled by the WMS software of the Lzero3.

For each individual pack of PCBs, the storage cabinet offers coding with unique bar codes, defined locations with LED controlled recall, and monitoring & recording of temperature and humidity parameters.

Through this continuous monitoring, the SzeroPCB ensures that all available PCBs meet stringent MSL parameters.

According to the Printed Board Handling & Storage Guidelines (IPC 1601 – August 2010),
PCBs must be stored in a dry environment of less than 10% Relative Humidity within one hour of opening the bags.

PCB Storage 2 PCB storage Szero PCB

  • PCB storage in a dry environment, Humidity Controlled System RH < 5% is fitted in the cabinet
  • Detection and recording of environmental parameters (temperature & humidity)

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