Long/Large pcb’s

Large boards

If large boards are your thing, then iineo is for you!

The incredible flexibility of the iineo platform allows you to configure the internal conveyor within the the machine and produce any PCB up to 1610mm x 600mm in size, while still maintaining all the standard features that iineo provides.

Having the largest board capability in the industry provides users with a solution to applications such as LED panel and LED strip production. Now you can manufacture panels in one shot, without needing to move the PCB in steps within the machine. It reduces process risks within the production operation.

If your PCBs are less than 460mm wide, you still maintain the full 264 x 8mm feeder positions. Where PCBs greater than 460mm need to be accommodated, you still get an impressive 132 feeders positions.



large board LedpowerFollow this link for a practical testimonial of LED placement on a large board with Ledpower.

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