SMT Matrix trays

Internal Matrix Tray Holders

A variety of different matrix tray holders may be fitted as standard inside the machine, with no impact on standard PCB dimensions or tape feeder capacity. Capable of accepting up to 10 standard Jedec trays the holders provide significant capacity for the presentation of QFPs, BGAs, connectors, heatsinks and any other non taped devices.

If you have a specific application, tray holders can be customised to fit your need.

  • Intelligent feeder
  • Up to 10 Jedec trays on iineo I
  • Up to 66 unique part numbers (more on demand)
  • Easy to program through the machine graphical interface
  • No reduction in machine feeder capacity or maximum PCB size

iineo I:

iineo II:


Internal matrix tray holder iineo I int-tray2jpg internal matrix tray holder iico


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