Feeder Cart

feeder cart


The feeder cart or feeder trolley is mobile which facilitates the block-handling of tape feeders, stick-feeders and special feeders. As part of Europlacer’s Integrated Intelligence system, when connected outside the machine, it provides component fully integrated program and stock preparation.

Any combination of feeders can be located side by side within the cart, and carts then easily rolled up to and into any position within all Europlacer placement platforms.

An open-top drawer located in its base collects used tapes or empty sticks from the feeders, giving operators simplicity in use.


 feeder cart close up feeder cart

  • allows fast changeover of feeders
  • up to 16 NT feedeer 2x8mm (32 reels 8mm)
  • any mix of NT tape, sticks, special feeder
  • can be swapped with ii-feed cart or tray loader in seconds

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