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Szero1 is a component storage cabinet specifically designed for ‘odd form’ component storage. It is ideal for large reels (over 40mm width), PCBs, sticks, matrix trays, PTH components, tools, squeegees, stencils, etc.

A part of the WMS stock management system, Szero1 complements the Lzero3 Automatic Storage Cabinet and maintains the same level of traceability and control.

When a job commences, reels will be extracted from the automatic cabinet where LEDs on the Szero1 will highlight the exact location of required parts. Operators need only retrieve the parts and scan them to ensure that the first expiring parts are deployed first, in accordance with F.I.F.O practices.

component storage Szero1 inside Component Storage Szero1

  • Basic configuration comprises six shelves with 192 LED indicated positions. The maximum configuration is 16 shelves and 512 LED positions.
  • Humidity Control System can be fitted as an option.

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