The ability to say “yes” to customers’ enquiries, with absolute confidence that your placement platform can handle anything you give it, provides a real competitive advantage. Plus, the ability to easily upscale the line gives you an impressive and realisable return on investment for the future.

Internationally recognised as providing the highest level of capability in a single structure, Europlacer machines are easily scalable, allowing cost-effective growth and cross utilisation of existing investments.

Integrated intelligence takes on another level in a multi machine environment. Every nozzle position on every placement head can place the same, full range of components, meaning balancing production across a line configuration is as simple and effective as you can get. There are no compromises or difficult decisions to make; Europlacer’s platform can handle everything you can give it.

When one machine isn’t quite enough, here are some typical line configurations and capabilities…


line CEM1 XPii I + iineo I   xpii I + iineo I

  • Maximum placement rate: 30,780 cph.
  • IPC 9850 rate: 25,100 cph.
  • Feeder count (8mm): 356
  • Tray count (Jedec): 40
line CEM2 iineo II + iineo I iineo II + iineo I

  • Maximum placement rate: 45,390 cph.
  • IPC 9850 rate: 36,750 cph.
  • Feeder count (8mm): 528
  • Tray count (Jedec): 80
line CEM3 XPii II + iineo II   xpii II + iineo II

  • Maximum placement rate: 60,000 cph.
  • IPC 9850 rate: 46,580 cph.
  • Feeder count (8mm): 356
  • Tray count (Jedec): 34