Why use SMT pick and place machines from Europlacer?

We have provided elegant solutions to complex technical challenges for decades. We are immensely proud of our heritage, the SMT pick and place machines we offer and the way in which we do business.

Europlacer has been awarded numerous prestigious industry awards for innovation and best-in-class pick and place equipment technology. We see it as a testament to our team, our capacity to evolve, and our ability to develop and deliver high-mix productivity tools.

  • VadaTech chose Europlacer as a key supplier towards our investment in state-of-the art SMT pick and place machine. Europlacer’s excellent performance and exceptional support made them an ideal partner for our manufacturing expansion.
    Saeed Karamooz. President and CEO

Our SMT pick and place machines

  • Atom 4

    Atom 4 is the finely-tuned athlete of the expanded Europlacer product range. It’s all about raw performance. With four independent gantries each driving a pioneering new Pulsar head,Read More >
  • Atom 3

    Atom 3 deploys a pair of the new high-speed Pulsar heads, each on an independent axis, and adds proven Tornado turret technology that makes iineo+ the industry’s mostRead More >
  • iineo+

    Technically speaking, iineo is a multi function SMT Pick and Place platform , with the highest level of flexibility and feeder count...Read More >
  • xpii+

    Our xpii pick and place machine is a refreshing new approach to modular pick and place. Incorporating technology from Europlacer's innovative award...Read More >
  • iico

    Combining all around capability with outstanding value for money, iico is perfect for low to medium-volume, high-mix production...Read More >
  • ep710

    Europlacers ep700 series printers combine it’s commitment to high performance and reliability with outstanding value...Read More >

We work with customers in the

  • C.E.M. smt pick and place machine

    start_quote_white Whether a specific application or component range, or simply the need to react to and manage a spike in demand, the ability to respond positively and meet challenges that customers present is a pre-requisite for any Contract Manufacturer. closing quote

  • O.E.M. smt pick and place machine

    start_quote_white Having resourced a development project, the subsequent transfer of design output into a fully released product, and then seamlessly into volume production, is fundamental to give any business a first-mover advantage. closing quote