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  • Europlacer wins on technology and genuine customer service

    "The iineo-II was more of a production machine designed for use in our high-mix environment. It was set up similarly to the competition’s systems, but we could not find a system that matched all of Europlacer’s features."
    Bob Kajfasz, ACT’s Vice President


  • Customer Service is King

    "Due to the iineo, we can now move boards four to five times faster. Additionally, we are producing in one day what we previously were accomplishing in a week’s time."
    Peter Elia, ACT’s Sales Manager


  • New Age EMS selects extensive capability with Europlacer Pick and Place IINEO-II platform

    "We are getting more jobs on and off this machine daily than with any other pick-and-place equipment I have ever used."
    Jeff Anderson, Manufacturing Manager at New Age EMS

  • iineo II helps EMS company triple PCB Production Capacity

    "Previously, production would be completed on the edge of deadlines. Now, with the iineo II, we are never rushed to get jobs completed on time."
    Bert Schippers, Schippers & Crew CEO

  • Hansatech partners with Europlacer

    "We considered several machine vendors. But after extensive tests with various machine types, we selected Europlacer as our partner going forward."
    Rex Waygood, Technical Mgr Hansatech

  • The right solution

    "This is now one of the most flexible lines I have ever seen, the transition from our previous machines on to the Europlacer platform has been easy and we are already seeing the benefits of Europlacer’s flexibility."
    John Tutt, General Manager Circuit Solutions